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Our Story

In 2003, a brother and sister team started exporting goods from Asia.  Our collective passionate approach for international business, cultures and devotion to innovation, while providing valuable market-enhancing product alternatives, resulted in the inception of Sphera International in 2010.

We have been continually constructing and expanding our business by carving out supply channels in multiple countries through designing, developing and manufacturing various product groups over the years.  Within these rewarding efforts, we devised our international niche in multi-family development product supply.  Tempus Development Solutions, founded in 2011, was a natural step to better serve our US clients with their local development needs.

Our capable and dependable international teams provide Multi-Family, Hotel and Residential clientele with an extensive, unique and innovative range of building products, which add conscious all-encompassing value to projects through our direct-sourcing, creative designs, innovative solutions and strategies, US warehousing, inventory management and individual unit deliveries.

With an ongoing commitment to provide excellence in supporting our clients achieve their goals, while being dedicated to environmentally-minded alternatives and helping others along the way – our talented and devoted team members are ready to contribute and make a positive impact in your projects.


Remi Basior


Remi Basior is the President of Tempus Development Solutions, Inc. He is also the Managing Partner of Sphera International based in Taipei, Taiwan which he founded with his sister and business partner in 2010.

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Joanna (Basior) de Haas

Managing Partner

Joanna (Basior) de Haas is the President of Sphera International, which she co-founded in 2010 with Remi Basior, her brother and business partner. She is also Managing Partner of Tempus Development Solutions, Inc.

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Anny Ma

Creative Director - Partner

Anny Ma is the Creative Director of Tempus Development Solutions and is the driving force behind the creation of innovative product ranges and their respective design direction.

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Sam Moreno

Warehouse Lead

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